“Lana, the importance what you do cannot be overstated.” – Ron Dolinsky – PJTN International Advisory Board, Director of Strategy and Marketing

“Remarkable article. What stood out to me was your ability to breakdown and clarity a complete position so that this could be understood.  Clearly your experience has given you the gift of translating the complete argument and then bringing the listener toward truth.  Good for you” – Michael Jacobs, writer/producer

“Thank you for inviting me to your presentation and conversation last night.   You are performing the ultimate mitzvah for everyone – fans, friends, artists, and the state of Israel.”  – Ralph Alterbaum, (2017 NYC event attendee)

“Liberate Art is an important movement fighting the cultural boycott against Israel and positively impacting artists and celebrities. And Lana Melman is the inspiring advocate championing the movement.” – Alicia Post, American Zionist Movement (2017 NYC event attendee)

“I think your strategy of making artists look at the bigger issue of censorship versus the issues about Israel is very shrewd.” – Deborah Slade, UK Attorney (2017 NYC event attendee)

“Lana Melman did a superb job as the Hollywood liaison for our Jewish National Fund event creating the perfect match between our organization and award winning reggae artist, Ziggy Marley.  Her attention to detail, smooth handling of artist relations and knack for generating publicity created excitement and helped to drive awareness for our clean water initiative.” – Lou Rosenberg, JNF Executive Director, Greater Los Angeles

“It was a meaningful conversation and got past the headlines to some powerful underlying issues.” – Mike Siegel, Radio Talk Show host

“Lana Melman gave a riveting presentation at CAMERA’s student conference. She is an entertainment industry insider who knows both what the BDS campaign seeks to do and how to counter it effectively. She is uniquely situated to educate audiences and a compelling speaker.” – Andrea Levin, Executive Director and President, CAMERA

“Lana, great piece! It attacked the topic from a new angle rather than belaboring the same point. It elicited a sense of loss of and for humanity rather than belligerence.” – Matt Solomon, The Jewish Press

Great presentation! Informative, inspiring and thought-provoking. Your hands-on experience countering the cultural boycott offers a unique perspective and important new tools to win this battle. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” – Andrew Genger, Red Light Management (2017 NYC event attendee) 

I feel so grateful for all that you do on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. It means more than you can ever imagine.” – Andrew Genger, Red Light Management

“Lana, thank you for your many exceptional speeches at our Israel Bonds’ events. You communicate your personal and professional experiences with great passion and consistently move and inspire the audience. Our community can be grateful to you for creating Liberate Art Inc. and sharing your incredible in-depth knowledge as a cultural boycott expert.” – Leor Ziv, Executive Director at State of Israel Bonds 

“I get so many op-ed submission these days, and this is really one of the most interesting and unique of the bunch.” – Jacob Kamara, Managing Director and Editor in Chief, JNS.org (Jewish National Service)

“Brilliant article. It’s exactly what we need to see in the British press. We need to expose the double standards and bullying we’ve seen in this country too.” – Steven Jaffe, Consultant to Board of Deputies of British Jews

“Lana Melman, it was a perspective I’ve never heard before, that BDS’s cultural boycott is a form of censorship.” – Student response to “Who was your favorite speaker and why?” (Anonymous survey)