Cultural Boycott

JERUSALEM POST OCTOBER 30, 2017 BY KELLY HARTOG — “I made it very clear that I was not interested in his views on cultural enterprises within Israel,” said Alan Parsons. …

Miami Beach teens will no longer perform with Roger Waters due to anti-Israel controversy

MIAMI HERALD JULY 13, 2017  BY SAMANTHA J.GROSS  Teenagers slated to perform alongside Pink Floyd star Roger Waters have backed out of the event amid accusations of anti-Semitism against …

A LIBERATE ART ORIGINAL VIDEO —   Lana Melman, CEO of LiberateArt talks at the Mike Siegel Radio Show about What does the Cultural Boycott against Israel have in common …

Better definition for BDS is Boycott, Discriminate and Segregate

LOS ANGELES TIMES DECEMBER 27, 2016 BY LANA MELMAN —  To the editor: Saltzberg offers a much-needed offensive strategy to defeat the immoral BDS campaign against Israel on college campuses. I suggest we …

Israeli artists seek peace at the Shalom Festival in Edinburgh by Lana Melman

How do you steal a beach? For the boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS) campaign against Israel, the answer is one grain of sand at a time. The cultural boycott effort seeks to rob …

Alicia Keys has a different point of view on the cultural boycott than Israeli born musician, Ohal Grietzer

Whether or not you agree with Grietzer’s ill-founded characterization of the Jewish state, performing in Israel is not an endorsement of the policies of the Israeli government any more than …

“Music is a great way for artists to express themselves. But when speaking on world issues, artists need to be sure to be educated on a topic before trying to influence anyone. I want to use music for good, to make people smile, laugh, dance, create good energy.” Jason Derulo, American singer

“I never believe in boycotts. Always believe in dialogue. People must keep talking.” – Klaus Meine, frontman of the band Scorpions

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”Bono



“We are inspired to be performing in Israel this summer. Our belief is that music can be a healing force in any place on this planet. Our message is one of love, unity, harmony, mercy and compassion. We believe that forgiveness and peace for all people is within our reach. People of all colors and religious beliefs can exist with mutual respect for each other without the fear of violence. Santana is a citizen of the World and wants to bring our message to every place on this planet to promote healing for us and every generation after us.

The holiest place in all the world is that in which an ancient hatred has become a present love. Let there be peace on earth.” Carlos Santana

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“Riverdance supports the policy of the Irish Government and indeed the policy of every other EU state that cultural interaction is preferable to isolation.” – Riverdance management, 2011 prior to the company’s tour to Israel

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“I’m a musician, I sing, I’m not a politician. If I feel anything, I sing, it keeps things very simple”  – Seal Singer-songwriter on Boycotts

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“I consider it absolutely crazy and fundamentally racist to identify a scholar, a private citizen, with the politics of his government”Umbert Eco Italian Author (‘The Name of the Rose’)