Better definition for BDS is Boycott, Discriminate and Segregate

Originally published at the Los Angles Times on 12-27-16 To the editor: Saltzberg offers a much-needed offensive strategy to defeat the immoral BDS campaign against Israel on college campuses. I suggest …

“Israel is a wonderful place to be an artist – a place where imagination flourishes. Israeli culture is refreshingly avant garde – making films, music, performance art and visual art that continues to push the envelope, inspire and empower.” – Ryan Kavanaugh, American businessman, film producer and film financier

“The essential aim of music . . . is to produce a communion, a union of man with his fellow man and with the Supreme Being.” – Stravinsky, Russian composer

“Riverdance supports the policy of the Irish Government and indeed the policy of every other EU state that cultural interaction is preferable to isolation.” – Riverdance management, 2011 prior to the company’s tour to Israel

(Photo credit: Prayitno/Flickr)

“…to sing and be with musicians from different cultures is my favorite things to do on the planet” –  American songstress India Arie on the joy of music and collaboration