Roger Waters Looms Large in Hollywood Panel on Cultural BDS


“I made it very clear that I was not interested in his views on cultural enterprises within Israel,” said Alan Parsons. “I told him I’m going to go. I like Israel and Israeli people.”

Calling the BDS movement “a minority conspiracy that has no foundation,” veteran recording artist Alan Parsons advised fellow performer Nick Cave to ignore the appeals he’s receiving to cancel his shows in Israel next month. “Please ignore it. It is an appeal for a boycott, not an actual boycott,” said Parsons near the end of panel discussion on BDS held on Sunday in Los Angeles. 

Cave is slated to perform in Tel Aviv on November 19 and 20, a few days after Parsons himself gives concerts on November 9 and 11 in Haifa and Tel Aviv respectively.
On the panel with Parsons was his bassist, Israeli-born Guy Erez; entertainment attorney Ken Hertz; writer, director and producer David Zucker, known for Airplane and Scary Movie, and actor Mark Pellegrino, who plays Lucifer in the TV show Supernatural.
Moderator Lana Melman, who works as a liaison between the entertainment community and Israel as head of Liberate Art Inc., said the elephant in the room was Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters’ support of BDS and the very public debate Waters had with his former producer and engineer Parsons, calling on him to boycott his concerts in Israel four years ago.
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