Heavy Metal Musicians are saying NO TO BDS!

Heavy Metal Musicians are saying NO TO BDS!











22 musicians scheduled to perform in the Titans Of Metal Israel Festival in ‪Tel Aviv‬ this December have received threats and pressure from BDS to cancel their performances. Musicians, Tim “Ripper” Owens and Ross the Boss speak up!

Ross the Boss (Death Dealer/Ex-Manowar) recently wrote on his Facebook page: “So now I’m getting ready to go play The Titans of Metal show in Israel, but we are hearing from this Anti Israeli Pro Palestinian Anti Semetic group BDS to not perform in Israel . We all should Boycott Israel. Perhaps Roger Waters is involved . I have only 2 words to say to BDS and perhaps Mr Waters. F*CK YOU”.
Tim “Ripper” Owens (Ex Judas Priest/Judas Priest) reaffirmed in a video that he is still performing in Israel and that “no boycott is stopping [him]”. He said “Israel. I’m for the music, I’m for the people and music is for the people. I will see you.”





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