Fighting the Cultural Boycott against Israel

In today’s world, Israel is under fire from all directions. The newest and potentially most dangerous weapon against the Jewish homeland is the CULTURAL BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN.
The cultural boycott seeks to intimidate artists who want to perform in Israel and uses the social media reach of artists to spread false and damaging messages about the Jewish homeland. 
The  cultural boycott is more than an attack on Israel;  it’s an attack on freedom of artistic expression that affects everyoneLearn More
Liberate Art’s CEO, Lana Melman, has spoken with over one-thousand artists and/or their representatives,  and has been  instrumental in preventing numerous cancellations  of scheduled concerts and tours in Israel.

Liberate Art’s 2016 Accomplishments
Op-eds / Talk Radio / Videos & Podcasts / Community Outreach /  Entertainment Industry Support / Public Speaking Engagements / International Relationship Building / Supporting Israeli Artists / Hollywood liaison 

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