Bringing together the entertainment industry & Israel

Bringing together the entertainment industry & Israel

We will never forget the past; we will fight to protect the future. 

During the Holocaust, man’s darkest hour, art reflected both grim reality and hope for tomorrow.              


Liberate Art would like to thank everyone who attended our exclusive NYC event for caring and working to make a difference. 

This meeting brought together key members of the entertainment industry and leaders of the pro-Israel community who were eager to learn new strategies to combat the cultural boycott campaign against Israel.

Here are some comments from attendees after the event.

“Great presentation! Informative, inspiring and thought-provoking. Your hands-on experience countering the cultural boycott offers a unique perspective and important new tools to win this battle. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” – Andrew Genger, Red Light Management

“Liberate Art is an important movement fighting the cultural boycott against Israel and positively impacting artists and celebrities. And Lana Melman is the inspiring advocate championing the movement.” Alicia Post, American Zionist Movement


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